How to randomly choose from different functions

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    You can create algorithmic variables that allow you generate a random questions every time the questions is opened.

    In the algorithm

    # choose between three trigonometric functions
    $a=rint(5) + 1; # generates a number from 1 to 5
    $TA = $a + $b;  

    In this example we would generate expressions like \(2 + sin(x) \) or \( 1+ tan(x) \). We have done this using the Maple TA switch statement. The first element of the switch statement is the element in the list you want to extract ( starting from 0). I our case 0=sin(x), 1= cos(x) and 2 = tan(x).

    Note: Certain assignment policies stop new versions of the question being created. See for more details about reusing algorithmic variables.

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