How to create a Roster File

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    This guide will assist you with use of Roster Files in Maple T.A.

    1. Get the data you need

    Before getting into Maple T.A., let's make sure we have all the data we need:

    So, in order to create a new user, we need at least:

    1. unique username
    2. First and Last Names

    It's a good practice to add an Email so users can reset the password if it would be required.

    2. Copy-paste everything to a spreadsheet.

    It could look something like this:

    The text styling is exaggerated to proof that it doesn't matter for the final result.

    3. Save roster file

    Maple T.A. accepts .CSV and tab-separated .TXT files. In Excel these options correspond to: "Comma Separated Values (.CSV)" and "Tab delimited (.TXT)".

    Keep in mind that CSV, Comma Separated Value, can be defined differently in European countries. Instead of comma (",") CSV file can be delimited with semicolon (";"). This notation is not accepted by Maple T.A. and cause the following error message:

    In order to solve that, open .CSV file in your favourite text editor (Notepad, TextEdit.. ) and use the Replace function to replace semicolon ";" with comma ",":

    The last line " ;;;;;;;;" can be safely ignored.

    4. Upload

    Go to Maple T.A. upload file and select the delimited you've used in step 3 (comma or tab).

    5. Result

    Once file is processed by Maple T.A., you'll see the preliminary result. At this point accounts are not created yet, this is simply a validation page.

    Profiles to create shows the Maple T.A. accounts that will be created.

    Profiles to update shows the Maple T.A. accounts that will be updated. For example a change in any non-unique fields (Name, Intial.. ) or Role. Enrolling students to Maple T.A. class will "update" their profile because they're getting a new role in that specific class (Guest -> Student).

    Invalid lines shows errors in the roster file. These lines will be ignored if you proceed with uploading the roster file. As stated earlier ",,,,,,," line can be ignored safely, it's simply an empty line at the bottom of the excel sheet.

    6. Upload

    Click on Upload Roster and you're done!