Catching students' answers in adaptive questions

  • Hi all,

    we were talking about designing an adaptive question with multiple choice, with the feature that, in case the student answers wrongly, in the subsequent adaptive section a text dependent on the given answer appears.

    For example, the question may be: "which of the following football teams is not an English one?". If both Chelsea and Liverpool are among the alternatives, then if Chelsea is answered we would like to show a consistent text as it would be "wrong: Chelsea is a district in London", while if Liverpool is answered the text would be like "wrong: Liverpool is a city in England".

    Unfortunately, response-specific feedback does not fit for this case, since it is shown while the question is evaluated, that is, at the very end, not while the question is verified, i.e. when the correctness of the answers in the current adaptive section is checked.

    I guess it would require to catch the answer given by the student, after having assigned a text to every (wrong) alternative, but I don't know how to perform it; I worked with chained questions in the past, but there a specific question made use of the answers given in a previous question, not in a previous adaptive section belonging to the same question.

    Thanks in advance, best regards,


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