Grading differential equation

  • I have a problem grading the following equivalent responses of the differential equations of the below mentioned examples:

    Maple solves these equations giving the following answers: Problem is that in the maple-graded question these solutions are not recognized as being equal.

    I hope someone can help me create a grading code that does work!

  • As a starting point, I would recommend substitution of the students response into the DE. Obviously that would confirm that the student provided a solution, but won't check for the existence of the arbitrary integration constant. To do that the indets($RESPONSE, name) command will check for C (assuming that your students always use C to denote the integration constant).

    is(diff($RESPONSE, x)+$RESPONSE+$RESPONSE*(x^n)=0) and evalb(indets($RESPONSE, name) = {C, n, x})

  • @chrisb Thanks!

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