Controlling Access to Tests

  • Hi

    I am seeking the correct settings to achieve the following:

    Have some tests accessible only to certain users (tutors). 

    These tests are "unlimited attempts" tests, so I want the tutors to be able to access the tests multiple times without having to be re-authorised by me to do so.

    Setting all students to "Deny Access" does not work because students on the course who haven't accessed Mobius do not show up on the student list in Proctor Tools, so late users of Mobius will have access to the tests once they they enter the system

    Am I right that the best way to do this is to set a password in the Test policies - then I do not have to use Proctor Tools to authorise particular users

    If so, are the settings below what will achieve this (ie repeat access to the test for anyone who has the password)

    Is there anything else I should be aware of (in terms of ensuring students can never access the tests, but tutors can, repeatedly)



  • Is there anyone out there? :-)

  • Hi @danr 

    These settings will do what you want - Proctored Exam+Proctor Sign-in to Start restricts users from accessing the test unless they are authorized. If a Password is set, then users who know the Password can then authorize themselves and access the test.

    Do your tutors have the Student role or the Instructor Role? If they have the Instructor role they should not need you to set the password, as they can Authorize themselves.

    There may be more options, depending on your product version and how you integrate with Mobius. For more specific advice I would suggest contacting 

  • Thanks Chris

    The tutors have Instructor status

    I will send an email to follow up on this


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