MathApps with æ, ø, å in TextArea Components

  • Hi, When inserting special danish characters into a MathAppTextArea Component from a given string in a startup code, the letters are replaced by \u00e6,  \u00f8, and \u00e6 when running the corresponding MapleTA question. Interestingly, there is no problem with this when running the MathApp off-line in a Maple worksheet. Moreover, when looking into the grade book static image of the graded MapleTA question the problem is in fact partly solved there - the correct letters do appear, but in some cases the immediate pre-neighboring letter is changed into something mysterious. I would like very much to know if you have any suggestions on how to get around these phenomena.

    Best, thank you in advance, 


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    Hi @Steen

    I must admit this problem is a little beyond my realm of understanding however the support team at should be able to help you with this. 



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