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    Does anyone know how to effectively search through the 10000+ questions in the "cloud"? These used to be ordered by topic, now there's just a list with no discernible order and the search function isn't very good either. For example, there are several folders with Fourier Series in the title, they're near the top in the list, so I saw them by luck. Entering Fourier into the search field doesn't give us these, so I suspect the search function is flawed. Help? Advice?

  • Hello dnucinkis,

    I'm afraid I'm not observing this problem, it sounds like a problem specific to your service. Can you please report this to along with the URL you are using to access Maple T.A.?

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    @chrisb Hi Chris, I'm afraid that's the first thing i did, spent an hour on a web-ex call with someone from maplesoft's "customer success team".

    It was not successful, and in they end they admitted they were new to mapleTA and didn't really know how to help. You say you can't observe this effect. What have you tried?


  • I have been able to search for content in the Cloud in Maple T.A. 2017 - e.g. searching for Distribution gives any folder with 'Distribution' in the title, as well as questions containing 'Distribution' in either the title or the question text. Can also use * to search the start of words e.g. searching Geom* will give you results for Geometry and Geometric. However I'm afraid I don't see the Fourier series folders you are referring to (either in the list or by searching).

    EDIT: Also if you are looking for a specific topic, try the "Subjects" list under Maple Cloud, instead of "All Content Types".

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