Maple TA : Question about Asymptotes

  • Hi,

    I want to created question withe Maple correction :

    but only the fractional forms are accpeted in correct answers 

    Some ideas ?


  • Assuming that you are using a Maple-graded response area with Text entry only (which appears to be the case from the screenshot), what do you have entered for the "correct answer" and "grading code"?

  • @chrisb

    This is my code

  • For comparing two sets, I would usually suggest something more like 


    instead of the default code. However in this case, Maple doesn't always try to equate an exact number (i.e. fraction) with a floating point number unless you force it to.

    Therefore, instead of the evalb line, try this line to force direct comparison between each set element:  

    is(rep[1] = $REP[1]) and is(rep[2] = $REP[2]);

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