​Only points if multiple response areas are answered correctly

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    I would like to create questions consisting of multiple response areas. Is there a way to assign points if and only if every response area in my question is answered correctly?

  • @m.pattiruhu

    To my knowledge there are only a few options:

    1)  The hard way:  Design the question using HTML response areas.  This is something that can definitely work, however my knowledge of the required HTML is too limited to throw together right away for you.

    2)  The easy way:  use question chaining to construct a seperate question for each of the question parts (notice: you could then display all 4or5 questions on the same page of an assignment so they look like a single question with 4or5 parts).  To accomplish this use the MapleGraded response type, such as... for question 4....

    question1 and question2 and question3 and question4;

    This will require students get full credit on all 3-prior answers as well as question4, in order to mark question 4 correct.



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