How to import Geogebra files, Cabri files into Mobius

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    How to import Geogebra files, Cabri files to my slideshow?


  • If you have Geogebra content uploaded, there should be a Embed button in the teacher page.

    This produces code that will embed the Geogebra content into Mobius. To use it, create a new question/text and then click on the "Source" button. This will open the HTML code for the question. There you can paste the Embed HTML code from Geogebra and when you preview the question, the Geogebra content will appear.

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    I have found success using iframes and the geogebra materials system. You can embed any of the apps on and you can upload your own. To find the embed code, choose an app on, click the share icon in the top corner of the page and choose the embed tab. It should look something like the screenshot below

    Below is an example embedding code.

    <iframe scrolling="no" title="Dot Plot Tool" src="" width="1024px" height="390px" style="border:0px;"> </iframe>

    To get this into Möbius you need to switch to source view in the question text area of the question designer. You can paste this code into the question where you want the geogebra app to display. You will need to preview the question to see it working.

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