Changing the date when Test feedback is released

  • For some tests I would like students to be able to access the Qs, their answers and correct answers (via Restrict Feedback Until) but to manually control when that happens

    For example we have Assessed Assignments in Maple TA, and we can't make the feedback available until we are sure all delayed students have taken the test

    So the release date is uncertain - so what I would like to do is set that date far in the future (to be safe) when creating the Assignment and then, when I know it is safe to do so, change the date to an imminent one

    Is this possible - can I amend the Restrict Feedback Until date of an Assignment that has been completed  - or is it fixed once the Assignment has been taken?

    thanks, Dan

  • Hello Dan, the restriction is applied by the current version of the assignment, and is not fixed. So you can control the release in the way you describe.

    As long as your students do not have "In Progress" attempts at the assignment, then you can edit it. When editing the assignment, untick the "Restrict Feedback Until" option, which you had previously set. Then all students who have previously attempted the test, will now be able to see their Feedback via the Gradebook. You can toggle the setting on and off as required, as long as you have no In Progress attempts and the date/time of release is set correctly.

  • Thanks, much appreciated

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