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  • Hi, I am curious about how Answers can be integrated into MathApp questions: How to include them into the startup code (for, say, a randomized homework question) and then, afterwards, how to use them and include them into the individual feedback to the students in connection with the grading, like [you answered . . .] and [the correct answer is . . . ]. The online help indicates, that this is possible, but I have not been able to locate precise directives.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I think the best place to start is the online help - The example in the help goes through how to use initialization paramters. Basically you can create variables in the algorithm section in a TA and pass these variables into the MathApp. Since you have the variables in the mathapp, you can use them when the grading function is called to update the display of the MathApp. In the gradebook you need to click "show static image" to view the feedback.

    Here is a mathapp question that echo's back the teachers answer and student's answer in the MathApp if the student gets the question correct.

    Here is the feedback this app gives.

  • Yes, of course, thank you very much! My mistake was to think, that everything could be 'driven' from the startup code. I see now that this is neither possible nor in fact necessary when using TA both to set up the variables for the MathApp and to give the precise and individual feedback.

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    I am able to run the example you mentioned. However, this feedback is displayed only when the "How did I do?" option is used, otherwise, the text area remains empty after the answer is submitted.

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