Issues related to exam purposes

  • Hi again; so, after solving the doubts discussed in the previous topics I opened, we tried with some students to simulate an exam, in order to check the state-of-the-art of our knowledge of the platform. We had basically two problems:

    - In homework/quiz mode, it seems that two people at the same time are able to login with the same credentials, and furthermore if the second student does the login while the first one is already logged, the second one is also able to see all the answers given by the first one before he/she entered the system. This is a problem if a student gives his/her access data to a mate (which is of course illicit, but it would need means to prosecute it).

    - In proctor mode, the previous problem does not hold, but proctor authorization is a bit unstable, sometimes the proctor login goes down without apparent reason (no timeout or specific actions) and this is a problem because evaluation remains locked until the proctor is logged again (which requires to pass through Moodle since we do not accept direct Maple TA login, so taking precious time while doing an exam).

    Is there a way to overcome them?

    Thanks in advance.

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