Is it possible to allow a student to upload an image in his/her answer?

  • Two weeks ago we discussed ( ) about the possibility of giving a student the means for drawing an image as part of his/her answer.

    Unfortunately, we saw that the scanned document question requires more assistance from the teacher (e.g. he/she has to upload personally all the figures by associating them to the codes automatically generated for the students, without the possibility to proceed for these ones) than we thought. On the other hand, the sketching question seems to aim at certain types of plots (elementary functions like parabola, exponential, logarithm), rather than at a generic graph that could be, for instance, the one relative to f(x) = exp(sin(x)+1), a function which is a composition of elementary ones, but not an elementary one itself. Last but not least, the writing of a custom JS code seems that would take a consistent amount of time.

    So we were asking ourselves if there was a possibility for the students to upload, for example in an essay-type question, an image made by them with another software on the same PC on which they are doing the online test. Although for designing a question it is immediate to find how to upload pictures, the student seems to have less options in his/her WYSIWYG editor, and the one relative to uploading is apparently missing. It is peculiar that he/she has the possibility to modify directly the source (and for example to insert a <img> tag, able to hotlink potentially every reachable image on the www), but neither upload an image from local nor from remote via wizard. Is there a possibility to do it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is not currently possible but is something that a lot of people want to do. Probably the best solution for you is to allow your students to upload somewhere else and provide a link to the image. Perhaps a dropbox link or similar would work. 

    The JS app is another solution but, as you say, this will need some development time. I have played around with this a bit and now that I am aware you want this sort of thing, I'll let you know if I get it working. I don't think it will be before easter at this point.

  • Ok, thank you. The possibility of allowing the student to navigate through other sites or programs while doing the exam is in discussion since it can be considered not compliant with standards concerning safe exams procedures, but this option can be taken into account.

    If you are playing with JavaScript, I would thank you very much in the case I will be able to hear something interesting from you in a more or less far future.

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