Maple T.A. LTI connection with Moodle Error: Consumer key is missing.

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    Hello, I made a connection with Maple T.A. and our Moodle server. Everything works fine despite sending back the grades from Maple T.A. to Moodle. I always get this error: Consumer key is missing.

    I searched on the Internet, but I could not find any information of how to fix this issue. Do you have any information about it?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I think it is something to do with the way headers are passed back to moodle and are possibly being stripped off. 

    Some people have seen this message for other LTI services - see this post

    The way I would diagnose this is by editing the moodle code to print out the http packet that you get back from TA. It will be sending correctly from TA but I think at some point the packet is being changed on its way to moodle. The best way to check this is to print it out in the packet in the service.php file on the moodle server - this is the place the grade gets sent to - http://localhost:8888/moodle29/mod/lti/service.php. Of course this means you need access to a non-production version of moodle to test. Part of the problem is recreating this problem on a server where you have diagnostic control.

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