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    first of all I want to thank you for having accepted me in your community.

    I'm trying to make out a question which allows the student to draw something, e.g. a qualitative graph of a function given its analytical expression. Moodle allows to do something similar, but only in the spirit of automatic correction: the system checks how much of the image plotted by the student overlaps the image which has been given as the correct solution, and gives a grade that can be either positive or negative based upon a certain threshold, which cannot be set at a lower value than 30%. This method does not fit very much our needs, since a qualitative plot does not require an exact precision (in the case, I possess several screenshots showing how solutions which are intended to be correct are interpreted as a failure) . So we would focus our attention on manual grading, with the graph that has to be interactively plotted by the student inside the platform, but evaluated by a teacher which would receive it, leaving the overall score pending until this is done. Is there a way to do something similar in Maple T.A.?

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    Hi @afullo. I think there are three options that I can think of in order of difficulty.

    1) The scanned document question.

    2) Sketching question type with a weighting of zero but then I think the grade can be changed later in the gradebook.

    3) HTML question type using a canvas element for recording hand drawings – one issue is it will have to always give the grade of 0 but can be later marked in the gradebook.

    For options 1) and 2) there are help pages in the manual. For 3) you will probably need more assistance as it requires you to create a custom javascript app.

  • Thank you @jmtrik ! I will evaluate the option which better fits our necessities and I'll try it.

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