Adaptive Hints

  • I have read the doumentation on adding generic hints or feedback to a problem. However, what I would like to do is create adaptive hints that are triggered when a student enters a particular type of incorrect answer, in order to give custom feedback. I am primarily authoring Maple-graded and Mathematical Formula type questions.

    Can I do this in the Grading Code? Could someone illustrate this with an example? 

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    Currently there is only response specific feedback on the multiple choice question. I believe this feature is coming but it is not currently supported. You can get a similar teaching outcome by using adaptive sections in the question. i.e. you can ask a question and when the students gets it wrong, you present them a simpler path through the question. This is quite useful as you can award different scores for students who need the extra step-by-step help.

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    It is possible to give different grades for different responses using the maple-graded question type, just not different feedback.

    The clearest way is using an if. You can put this sort of thing in the grading code of a Maple-graded answer box. 

    if $RESPONSE=x^2 then
      return 1.0;
    elif $RESPONSE=2*x^2 then
      return 0.25;
       return 0;
    end if;

    In each case the return value is the score. It must be either true or false (which equate to 1 or 0 respectively) or a numeric value between 0 and 1.

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