Adding your university logo to your Möbius Lessons

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    You can add a logo to your Möbius lessons so that it will appear at the top of each page. You can see this is the example below.

    To do this you first need to upload a picture to you class files area. To do this go to the content repository for you class and click View Files. Click the arrow icon and choose you image to upload.

    Now you need to edit your lesson. In the lesson editor, go to the second tab called Properties.

    Now scroll down the the bottom of this page a open the section "Text to show at head of page".

    We need the url of the image in our content area. An easy way to get this is to click the insert image icon and browse the server for the logo file that you just uploaded.

    After browsing to the image and selecting it you will be returned to a screen like the one below.

    Here you can see the location of the image on the server. Copy the address of this line into a text editor. For example mine looks like this.

    No cancel inserting the image. We are going  to use the code below to help us to layout the image nicely.

    In the editor click the source button and paste the following, but replace the IMAGE_LOCATION text with the url of your image and update the copy right as well as the image size details.

    <div style="float:left; width:100%;">
    <div style="text-align:right;">© University of Birmingham 2017</div>
    <img alt="" src="IMAGE_LOCATION" style="width: 500px; height: 111px; float:right;"></div>

    Now press the source button again. You should now see a preview of your logo.

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